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Automatic Cashew Nut Shell Removing Machine Manufacturers|Cashew Nut Cracking Machine Price

  • Material: cashew nut
  • Capacity: 170 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Brief Introduction of Cashew Nut Shell Removing Machine
Cashew Nut Sheller is the special cashew nut machine for removing cashew shell. Cashew nuts should first be divided into 3-5 grades by their width or manual or grader, and then they will be shelled.The whole kernel rate reached 95%, occupying a small space, easy to form a production line.
cshew nut shell removing machine

Features of Cashew Nut Cracking Machine
1.Large capacity and has a large processing scope.
2.High shelling rate,low breaking rate.
3.Automatic and safe. It can be together with the cashew processing line.
4.High efficiency and good structure.
5.Largely save time and labor.

Model LGYK-4
Power 3 kw
Voltage 380/220v/50 Hz
Control Way Button
Capacity 170 kg/h
Shelling Rate 90-95%
Whole Kernel Rate 95%
Weight 300 kg
Size 1450*1000*1550 mm

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