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Three-Stage Almond Cracking Machine Price|Pistachio Shelling Machine Suppliers

  • Material: almond,pistachio,hazelnut
  • Capacity: 1000 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description of Almond Cracking Machine:
The cracking machine is mainly used for stripping the hard shell of nuts of various specifications. The machine is composed of lifting machine, discharging screen and vibrating screen at all levels. Among them, feed by hoist; one or two, three, automatic screening broken shell, Finally, the screened kernel comes out of the discharge structure.
almond cracking machine for sale
Features of Pistachio Shelling Machine:
1) The hulling machine at the same time stripping three different specifications of the peach, almond, hazelnut and hard shell.
2) The design is reasonable and the crushing rate is low. It is the ideal nuclear processing equipment at present.
3) Small single stage shelling machine can also be designed.

pistachio shelling machine

Capacity 1000kg/h
Power 6.75kw(380v/50HZ)
Dimension 3.2*2.1*2.6m
Weight 2200 kg
Shelling Rate 98%

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