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  • Groundnut Paste Grinding Machine for Sale

Peanut Butter Making Machine in South Africa|Groundnut Paste Grinding Machine for Sale

  • Material: peanut,groundnut
  • Capacity: 1.5-2 t/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Widely Use of Peanut Butter Making Machine:
The grinding machine is widely used in food (Peanut butter,almond paste, fruit pulp, fruit juice, peanut protein milk, soy milk, milk tea, milk products, beverages, etc.), pharmaceutical (All kinds of syrup, nutrient solution, proprietary Chinese medicine, paste agent, etc.), daily chemical industry(toothpaste, cosmetics, detergents, etc.), chemical(pigment, dyestuff, paint, lubricating oil, petroleum catalyst, etc.), emulsified asphalt, coal flotation agent, ceramic shaft materials, nano materials and other industries.
Peanut Butter Machine in South Africa
The Features of Groundnut Paste Grinding Machine:
1. The abrasive blade is made of super quality abrasive article with strong binding agent, very durable.
2. The clearance between abrasive blade is adjustable for different fitness grinding.
3. High yield, high efficiency and small size make the groundnut paste machine extremely popular both for home and commercial use.
4. The groundnut can be directly make into peanut butter without pre-crushing.
5. Adopting the latest technology of wet particle processing.
6. Multi-functional and compact structure.
7. Small in size, covering little space.
8. Large yield and easy operation.
Groundnut Paste Grinding Machine for Sale

Model LGJMS-240
Fineness 100-200 mesh
Output 1.5-2 t/h
Power 45 kw
Weight 1300 kg
Size 1320*500*1280mm

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