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Sweet Jujube Paste Grinding Machine Manufacturers|Red Date Paste Making Machine for Sale

  • Material: date,peanut,almond
  • Capacity: 0.8-1 t/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Application of Jujube Paste Grinding Machine:
Jujube grinding machine which also call colloid mill, is a kind of centrifugal equipment, simple structure, convenient operation and high production efficiency equipment. It is is ideal processing equipment for high viscosity materials and large granular materials. So the grinding machine is widely used in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, paper industry, plastic industry and battery industry.
jujube paste grinding machine

Features of Date Paste Making Machine:

1) Compact design, beautiful appearance, good seal.
2) Stable performance, easy to operate.
3) Simple decoration, high production efficiency.
4) Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, made of high quality stainless steel,
5) The processed materials are pollution-free and sanitary.
6) Models are varied. Depending on the nature of the material to be processed, the models may be different.

Date Paste Making Machine

Model LGJMS-180
Fineness 100-200 mesh
Output 0.8-1 t/h
Power 18.5kw
Weight 340 kg
Size 830*490*1100mm

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