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Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine|Production Equipment

  • Material: cocoa powder
  • Capacity: 160-800kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

This cocoa powder grinding machine can be applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, it is a new generation equipment for crushing materials and dust absorption. The cocoa crushing machine is a necessary equipment for cocoa powder production plant and factory.

Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine
Working Principle of Cocoa Powder Production Equipment
The machine uses the relative motion between the movable teeth and the fixed teeth so that the crushed objects are crushed through the impact, friction and the impact of the material. The crushed material will automatically enter the trap bag by rotating centrifugal force, and the dust is filtered and recycled from the bag in the dusting box. The whole machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard. All of them are made of stainless steel. There is no dust flying in the process of production. And it can improve the utilization of materials and reduce the cost of enterprises. Now it has reached the advanced international level.

Advantages of Cocoa Powder Production Machine:
1. The structure is simple, sturdy, smooth running, fast, uniform and good effect.

2. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, supporting the national standard motor, the voltage can be customized.
3. A wide range of uses. It is mainly used for lump material, all kinds of grain with low oil content and some other hard and brittle materials, such as cocoa powder, various spices powder and so on.
4. The particle size of crushed material is determined by replacing different mesh screen.
5. The machine is made of stainless steel, and the inner (comminuted slot) of the casing is processed by precision machine to achieve smooth surface and easy to clean.
6. The phenomenon of rough inner wall, easy accumulation of powder and difficult cleaning is changed, making food, medicine and chemical production better able to meet the national standard and meet the hygienic requirements of GMP.
Cocoa Powder Production Equipment

Model LG-40B-C 
Capacity 160-800 kg/h
Revolution of spindle 3400r/min
Size of fed material (mm) 12
Crushing size 60-120 mesh
Crushing motor 11 kw
Cleaning motor 0.75 kw
Dimension(mm) 1350*700*1700
Weight 550 kg

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