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Coated Peanut Cashew Roaster|Particle Swing Roasting Machine for Sale

  • Material: coated peanut,cashew
  • Capacity: 80-100kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Introduction of Coated Peanut Cashew Roaster Machine:
The swing roasting machine adopts the plane rotary stirring function, using oil or electric heating two ways, with the display device for the clutch and the temperature of the furnace, high productivity, low rate of broken baked food uniform color, no pollution, is a kind of ideal processing equipment for coated peanut and cashew, red beans, roasted Japanese besmell, pistachios and other granular food.

The oven has many advantages: safety and energy saving, convenient health, fast, stable performance, less consumption, low running cost, long service life, simple operation and maintenance, the baking quality meet the food hygiene standards and international standards.
Coated Peanut Cashew Roaster Machine
Our company with strong R & D strength, strict management system, first-class production equipment, complete varieties, excellent products, sales network all over the country and excellent service system, leading independent domestic peanut machinery market coquettish, and are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, dozens of countries and regions, by the majority of users trust and praise.

Particle Swing Roasting Machine

Model LGW-2
Heating Power 36KW,380V
Transmitting Power 1.1KW
Material SUS 201 Cover+SUS 201 Touch Part
Pan Size 1200*1200mm
Capacity 80-100 kg/h
Dimension 2400x2000x1350mm

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