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Drm Nuts Roaster India|Pistachios Roasting Machine For Sale

  • Material: 1 set
  • Capacity: 100 sets per month
  • Loading Port: Qingdao/Tianjin Port

The Description of  Nuts Roaster Machine
This machine is composed of a transmission device, the electric heating tube, electric control box, cylinder components, automatic temperature control, high degree of automation, uniform baking. The commercial roaster is the ideal processing equipment, hazelnut, pistachio, almonds, peanuts, soybeans and other nuts materials. 
nuts roaster machine sale

The Advantages of  Pistachios Roasting Machine
1) Wide range of uses.  It used in roast pistachio,almond,peanut,nuts,sesame,beans,melon seeds,chestnuts and other water reducing,baking,cooked products.
2) Good baking quality.This machine adopts rotary rotary cage, with electric heating (heating coal or gas heating) as a heat source, using the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, the hot air as drying medium, the heat effect in baked objects, in the baking process of baked objects in the cage by the propulsion device continuously push forward and roll form a continuous loop, is heated evenly and boring, effective guarantee of baking quality.
3) Easy operation.The machine has automatic temperature control and timing device. The temperature is between 0-300 degrees. It can be adjusted freely according to the temperature required by the material. It is very convenient to use.

pistachios roasting machine

Model LGMHK-2
Dimension(mm) 3000*2200*1700
Output (kg/h) 180—250
Motor Power(Kw) 2.2
Electrical Heating(kw) 35
Gas Heating(kg) 3-6

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