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Multi-functional Soybean Peeling Machine|Dry Mung Beans Peeling Machine Manufacturers

  • Material: soybean,mung bean,beans
  • Capacity: 400-600 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description of Soybean Peeling Machine:
This series of bean peeling machine is suitable for soybean, mung bean, red bean, black bean and so on. The grain is less than 25 millimeters in diameter, and the grain is dried and peeled.Soybean peeling is the ideal equipment for soybean to remove fishy and improve the grade of bean products; widely used in food processing plants, hotels, hotels, canteens, and other specialized households, it is the most popular equipment for peeling beans for the majority of users.
Soybean Peeling Machine

Working Principle of Mung Beans Peeling Machine:
Beans are removed from the soybean hull under the action of the mill (the moisture content of legumes and grains is <10%-13%). Kernel shell mixture into the filter, remove the powder. The fan is then sucked into the shell to complete the separation of the shell and the core.
mung bean s peeling machine

Capacity 400-600kg/h
Power 3kw +0.75kw
Peeling Rate 95%
Diameter of grinding table 400mm
Net Weight 250 kg
Dimension 500*1500*1400 mm

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