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Industrial Roasted Peanut Red Skin Removing Machine Supplier

  • Material: 1 set
  • Capacity: 100 sets per month
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description of Roasted Peanut Skin Removing Machine`
The machine  is a specialized equipment to remove dry type peanut's skin.It is widely used in the previous peeling process of garlic peanuts, cocoa peanuts, white peanuts and other peanut products etc.After dried peanuts into the tumbling chamber composed of friction sand roller, the skin will automatically separate, become a complete milk white kernel.

roasted peanut skin removing machine sale
peanut skin peeling machine
Details of Roasting Peanut  Skin Peeling Equipment

The peel machine is the advanced white peanuts dry peeling device,adopting roller rubbing and peeling method,.The peeling effect is good and the peeled peanut kernel is smooth and without injury.The peeling machine needs the raw material moisture content below 4%, the raw material is generally recommended after roasted peanuts.
Features of Peanut Skin Removing Machine
1.Its part contacted with food part is made of stainless steel,so it have a strong corrosion resistance, and the processing peanut is clean and sanitary;
2.It also have reasonable structure,low noise,long service life ,etc lengths.
3.It owes high peeling rate but low damage to the peanut.

Model LGT-8
Power 1.5KW
Dimension 1100x600x1100mm
Packing size 1200X700X1200mm
Net weight 200kg
Gross weight 260kg
Capacity 400kg/h
Peeling rate 96%

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