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High Efficiency Cashew Nut Peeler for Business|Cashew Nut Decorticator Machine Suppliers

  • Material: cashew nut
  • Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description of Cashew Nut Peeler:
The gas peeling machine produced by our factory adopts the method of air stripping, which is suitable for peeling nuts such as cashew nuts and peanuts, and is suitable for small processing places.The machine need to configure air compressor,a strong airflow generated by the air compressor, gas to form vortex, which will remove the outer skins of cashew nuts kernel.
High Efficiency Cashew Nut Peeler
Characteristic of Cashew Nut Decorticator Machine:
1. Food surface without damage, fresh preservation ability and no pollution.
2. Drying and peeling can be completed at one time, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate.
3. Automatic temperature control and automatic feeding device, cashew nuts and leather automatic separation.

Cashew Nut Decorticator Machine

Model LG-300
Capacity 300-400kg
Weight  150kg  
Dimension 0.97*0.7*1.5m
Disengagement Rate 95-98%

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