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1000 kg/h Tahini Making Machine Line

  • Material: tahini
  • Capacity: 1000 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Introduction of Tahini Making Machine:
The sesame butter making line is designed according to the domestic and foreign advanced technology and customer demand. It consists of feed elevator, continuous washer and dryer, continuous baking machine, cooling machine, storage and feeder, grinding machine, mixer, vacuum degassing tank, pump and other spare parts.The line has a high degree of automation, simple operation, comprehensive control, stable performance, high quality products.
Tahini Making line has been favored by customers both at home and abroad, and is widely used in butter processing factories and other food processing enterprises.

Tahini Making Line

Features of Tahini Making Line:
1. high yield, advanced product design, stable and reliable process, batch production can improve labor productivity, improve product quality and stability, improve working conditions, reduce production area, reduce production cost, shorten production cycle, ensure the production balance, great economic benefits.
2. the operation is simple maintenance, handsome appearance, compact structure, smooth work, low noise, long service life.
3. the machine adopts food grade stainless steel parts and materials, safe and sanitary, durable.
4. different output to meet customer needs, the effect is good, save time and effort, energy saving, safety, health, pollution-free.
5. electrical safety conforms to the national standard, safe and reliable, quality assured.
Tahini Making Machine

Item Name Dimension(mm) Weight(KG)
1 Pneumatic Hoister 2000*600*3500 300
2 Continuous Sesame Cleaner Machine 2300*600*1350 200
3 Dryer Machine 1000*800*650 150
4 Hoister 3000*600*3000 220
5 Continuous Gas Roaster Machine 8000*1800*2600 4000
6 Penumatic conveyor   250
7 Cooling machine 6000*800*3700 1000
8 Storaging and feeding machine 1500*1200*2000 250
9 Grinder Machine 1000*400*900 270
10 Storaging Tank 1000L 200
11 Mixer Tank 1000L 400
12 Vacuum Degassing Tank 1000L 400
13 Paste Pump   100*3

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