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Commercial Spice Roaster|Masala Roasting Machine

  • Material: spice,masala
  • Capacity: 80-120kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Working Principle of Spice Roaster
The roaster machine is mainly used for drying and roasting grains such as sesame, spice, masala, peanuts, broad beans, melon seeds, nuts and other granular materials.
It uses the rotary drum, the air convection conduction, the infrared radiation principle. The heat is produced by the work of the electric heating tube. The material is dried by the infrared radiation and the convection of the hot air. The material is pure. During the heating process, the rollers rotate continuously, so that the material is heated evenly, because it is not directly heating the drum, so it will not be spotted. It has the advantages of energy saving, safety, sanitation, convenience and easy operation.
Spice Roaster Machine
Advantages of Masala Roasting Machine:
1. The roasting machine consists of transmission, electric tube, electric control box, exhaust port and other components,
2. This masala roasting machine uses the temperature controller to automatically control the baking oven temperature, high degree of automation, low noise, pollution-free, high yield.
3. The contact parts of the equipment and materials are all stainless steel, including the upper and lower hoppers, cage, then the tray, outsourcing of stainless steel plate, the main frame of carbon steel.
4. Each cage can feed 100kg per time, roastng time is about 40-45 minutes, the roasting time is related to the material.
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Pre sale service:
In order to help the customers win the market, the company has made the pre cost accounting, market information analysis, factory design and planning to make it perfect.
Production technology training:
To be responsible for the customers, after the sale of large equipment, in order to enable our customers to master the professional knowledge of equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance, the company sends professional technicians to install, debug, and ensure the customers produce the qualified products.
After-sale maintenance service:
The company has a telephone line of technical service line to solve the problems in time for the users and eliminate many difficult problems in the process of production. Our company is equipped with a full-time technician to visit the customers, and provide the maintenance and warranty service for the users in a timely manner.

Masala Roasting Machine

Model LGMHK-1
Dimension(mm) 3000*1200*1700
Output (kg/h) 80-120
Motor Power(Kw) 1.1
Electrical Heating(kw) 18
Gas Heating(kg) 2-3

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