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Sesame Seed Roaster Machine Suppliers|Seed Roasting Equipment for Sale

  • Material: sesame seed,beans
  • Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description of Sesame Seed Roaster Machine
The roaster machine is suitable for low temperature drying and high temperature baking of various seed products and nuts. The machine is divided into two kinds of liquefied natural gas and steam type according to heat supply.
The setting temperature of the machine can be changed by adjusting the ratio of the top of the oven, the burner controller and the valve of the electric steam valve, so as to complete the low temperature drying and high temperature baking.

sesame seed roaster machine for sale
Advantage of Sesame Seed Roasting Equipment
1, Reduce labor, improve production efficiency.
2, Reasonable heat distribution design can make the airflow even, so as to ensure uniform baking.
3, Integrated cooling system to prevent overheating, so that the nut in the best condition.
4. The design of the product enables the roasting of the hot air cycle and reduces energy consumption.
5, Both sides of the door can be opened, easy to clean.
6, Heat insulation in different areas, reduce heat loss, reduce operating costs.
7, Ahigh degree of automation, thermostat.
8, Heating methods are various, and can be heated by electric heating, gas heating, etc..
9, Using the circulation fan heat exchange, can realize the strong airflow baking, enhances the baking efficiency, enhances the baking quality.
sesame seed roasting equipment

Model LGP-300
Rotary Power 10KW
Heating Power 70kw
Raw Material Thickness 50-60mm
Capacity 300-400 kg/h
Size of Elevator 1500*800*2800mm
Roasting Machine Size 7500*1500*2200mm

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