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Belt Type Chestnut Roaster Machine UK|Commercial Chestnut Roasting Machine Price

  • Material: chest nut,almond,nuts
  • Capacity: 500-600 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Introduction of Chestnut Roaster Machine
This belt roaster is a kind of drying equipment which uses electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating for batch and continuous production. The steel net is used as the conveyer belt to carry material for continuous drying. The machine is used for drying peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, beans and tea leaves, medicinal materials and other thin, strip and granular materials with good permeability.

chestnut roasting machine for sale
Strengths of Chest Roasting Machine

1) According to the drying characteristics of the material, the machine can be designed into different forms of hot air circulation drying, which is the extension and improvement of the hot air circulation oven.
2) The machine uses air as the drying medium. According to the principle of heat exchange, the material can be heated evenly when it reaches the purpose of drying.
3)The ability to meet mass production, diversification, centralized control and continuous production.
4)High efficiency, energy saving, high yield, no pollution, easy operation and so on.
chest roasting machine suppliers

Model Three Layer
Size 6*1.6*2.5mm
Heating Electric/Gas
Power 75-90kw
Capacity 500-600kg/h

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