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Best Black Pepper Drying Roasting Machine Sri Lanka

  • Material: black pepper
  • Capacity: 80-120 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Structure and Working Principle of Black Pepper Drying Machine
The components of the machine are: transmission, electric tube, electric control box, drum and other parts. The working principle of the dryer is as follows: the material enters from the entrance of the drum, the hot air and the material flow into the barrel in parallel with the material, and as the barrel rotates, the material runs to the lower end due to the effect of gravity. In the cylinder wall with a copy board, the material copied and spilled, so that the contact surface of the material and airflow increased to improve the drying rate and to promote the material forward. The dried product comes out from the exit.
Black Pepper Drying Machine

Features of Black Pepper Roasting Machine

1. The heating methods include coal, electricity, gas, infrared and so on.
2. The temperature can be adjusted from -300 C at normal temperature, automatic constant temperature operation is simple, saving energy and saving manpower.
3. After roasting or drying, the color of the pepper seeds are positive, there is no paste on the surface, and the taste is good.
4. It has small space and makes it easy to make up the production line.
5. Automatic temperature control, high degree of automation.
6. Wide use range: roast or dry black pepper seed, chili, peanuts, almond, chestnut, walnut kernel, apricot, Vicia bean, coffee beans, melon seeds and other granular materials.
Black Pepper Roasting Machine

Model LGMHK-1
Dimension(mm) 3000*1200*1700
Output (kg/h) 80-120
Motor Power(Kw) 1.1
Electrical Heating(kw) 18
Gas Heating(kg) 2-3

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