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High Effective Soybean Skin Removing Machine|Soybean Peeler Machine Suppliers

  • Material: soybean,peas,broad bean
  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Usage Method of Soybean Skin Removing Machine
First of all, we have to pour soybean,peanut,almond and other ingredients in hot water,or soaked with cold water,and wait until their epidermis can be rubbed out by hand.Then,the soaked soybean is added to the hopper of the peeler, the soybean is passed through the sieve into the peeling rubber wheel, and friction is carried out at the same time of rotation. The soybean peel is removed, and the skin and the bean are separated.

soybean skin rremoving machine

Usage of Soybean Peeler Machine
Soybean peeling machine adopts wet process, it is a professional machine which is specially used to remove skin of beans, peanuts,almonds and other beans. The machine is widely used in soybean protein milk powder, soybean milk, soybean pickles, fried peanuts, peanuts protein milk powder, peanuts candy, eight treasures porridge, almond syrup, canned almonds, fried broad beans and other products of the early strip (leather)processing.Meanwhile,it can also be used as a press and peeling machine for producing oil in large peanut oil refineries. 
soybean peeler machine suppliers

Model LGTP-200
Capacity 200kg/h
Power 7.5kw
Peeling rate 97%
Broken rate Less than 3%

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