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Commercial Green Peas Peeling Machine|Peas Skin Removing Machine Suppliers

  • Material: peas,soybean
  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Green Peas Peeling Machine Introduction:
The machine is a high efficiency ideal equipment to remove skin of peas,peanuts,almonds,soybeans and broad beans.This machine is suitable for producing fried cakes, cakes, sweets, peanut milk, protein powder,etc.The utility model can also be used for pressing and peeling prior to the production of oil in large oil pressure mills.The machine is unique in its high peeling rate,peeling,not broken after clothing,white color,the surface is not brown,protein invariance.At the same time of peeling,kernel and leather are automatic separated.This machine is high efficiency and easy operation.
green peas peeling machine manufacturers

Peas Skin Removing Machine Advantages
1)Reasonable design and compact structure.
2)High peeling rate, whole kernel rate high and non-pollution etc.Because it use the principle of imitating hand desquamate and special machine elements.
3)This peas peeling machine is also suitable for peeling peanut, soybean and broad bean etc beans.
4)High output capacity,low power consumption and easy to operate.
peas skin removing machine


Model LGTP-200
Capacity 200kg/h
Power 7.5kw
Peeling rate 97%
Broken rate Less than 3%

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