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  • Chickpeas Peeling Machine for Sale

Chickpeas Chana Peeling Machine for Sale

  • Material: chickpeas
  • Capacity: 150-220kg/h
  • Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao/Tianjin Port

Product Description of Chickpeas Peeling Machine:
The working principle of wet peeling machine is pour hot water soaked chickpeas,peanuts or almonds into the peeling machine hopper, through friction peeling ring almond skin removed, after the separation equipment almonds will be discharged. Mainly used for peanut, almond or chickpeas for early processing of food, fresh vegetables, canned almond, almond and almond beverage products processing.It is mainly used for raw processing of peanut and almond raw materials or for the processing of peanut food, fresh vegetables, canned almond, almond and almond milk beverage products.
Chickpeas Peeling Machine
Featurer of Chana Peeling Machine:
Wet chickpeas peeling machine is specially designed for peeling the skin of chickpeas,almond kernels and peanut etc. High quality automatic peeling machine have a high peeling rate and low broken rate. Peeled chickpeas enjoys a good taste and flavor and it can be used in deep processing of canned chickpeas, chickpeas butter etc.
1. Moderate peeling ways protect chickpeas kernels from being crushed.
2. High peeling rate up to 98% and low broken rate less than 1%.
3. Wet type peeling machine needs soaked chickpeas.
4. Main parts are made from stainless steel and have a long service life.
5. This chana peeling machine is also suitable for peeling peanut,almond,soybean,pine nut,etc.

Chickpeas Peeling Machine

Model LGT-8 LGT-11
Capacity 150-160kg/h 200-220kg/h
Peeling Rate 96% 96%
Voltage 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Power 0.75kw 1.5kw

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