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Black Eyed Beans|Peas Peeling Machine Suppliers

  • Material: black eyed beans,chickpeas
  • Capacity: 200kg/h
  • Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao/Tianjin Port

The Working Principle of Black Eyed Peas Peeling Machine:
The soaked rice, beans, benevolence into the hopper by shaking the raw material into three fixed-powered roller tire rotation, through the induction of the feed wheel role knife by the blade on the raw skin incision, then the material round after peeling the rice, benevolence, beans pressed into the hopper and the hopper discharge, through the rejection leather jacket thrown round.
Black Eyed Peas Peeling Machine
Function and Characteristics of Black Eyed Beans Peeling Machine:
The black eyed peas peeler machine is a proprietary product of our company with independent intellectual property rights, including a number of national patents, and is a professional equipment for producing peeled black eyed beans. The black eyed beans peeler can remove the skin of the black eyed seeds without damaging its own characteristics, and can separate rice bran and separate rice beans. This machine has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of automation, timing processing, alarm, parking and locking the rice rate, head rice rate, the characteristics of peeling effect is good, is the best equipment for black bean peeling. Seven advantages of using black soya peeling machine:
1. The machine processed products is basic and manual.
2. The peeled bean can keep intact.
3. Regardless of particle size, they can be mixed into the machine, once completed.
4. The automatic operation, save a lot of manpower and cost savings.
5. The processing speed, the broken rate is low, a high success rate.
6. A large number of energy saving, green environmental protection.
7. But not restricted by climate, easy collection.
Black Eyed Beans Peeling Machine

Model LGTP-200
Capacity 200kg/h
Power 7.5kw
Peeling rate 97%
Broken rate Less than 3%

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