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Pistachio Slivering Machine|Nut Strips Cutting Equipment

  • Material: pistachio
  • Capacity: 100kg/h
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Pistachio slivering machine is a special equipment for peanut, pistachio, almond kernel cutting. The machine consists of hopper, vibration feeder, cutter, cutting roller and other parts.

Application of Pistachio Strips Cutting Machine:
Nuts slivers are a delicious additive or decoration to desserts, beverages, stir-frys, salads and soups. So this pistachio slivering machine is very popular with kinds of food enterprises, especially for the bakery, restaurant, hotel, etc. We also offer commercial almond slicing machine, and other nuts processing machinery, if you are interested in such machinery, please feel free to contact us.

Pistachio Slivering Machine
Advantages of Nut Strips Cutting Machine:
1.This slivering machine is made of stainless steel material.
2.The size of almond slivers can be different by adjusting the machine, it can be cut into two parts, or many parts.
3. The knife roller of this peanut slivering machine is made of special material of high quality, durable and has perfect cutting performance.
4. The nuts slivers are of good quality, have even surface.
Nuts Strips Cutting Machine

Model LGS-100
Capacity 100kg/h
Power 1kw
Voltage 220v,50HZ
Dimension 1300*750*1400mm
Weight 200kg

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