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Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine for Sale

Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine for Sale

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Brief Introduction of Wet Penaut Skin Peleing Machine:
This series of peanut wet peeling machine is designed for fried peanuts, peanut butter and peanut halogen products, the contact part of the material are made of stainless steel (can be customized according to customer requirements), the peeling rubber ring is made of high-quality rubber vulcanization, wear 0.1-0.4mm/10 km, the service life is 3 times more than the ordinary apron. Before peeling, they are soaked by hot and cold water respectively, and the skin is peeled and peeled. The whole grain is not broken and the protein is invariable. The browning phenomenon in the process of fried peanuts is avoided. The peanut food in the process of frying to maintain mellow, mellow unique flavor. The main technical parameter is the rate of peeling: 98% + 2, the breaking rate is less than 3%, and the whole kernel rate is 85% + 5.

Range of Use:
Generally used for small and medium-sized factories, 1.2-1.8 tons of family workshops, for the production of fried peanuts, fried bean sauce, pepper, peanut, peanut brine, garlic peanuts, peas, vegetable protein beverage, almond skin food, bean products wet peeling, various stewed taste leisure food, snacks and other products.
This machine can be used for many materials, suitable for broad bean peeling and orchid bean incision, almond peeling, white kidney bean peeling, soybean peeling, peas peeling, chickpeas peeling etc.

Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine