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How to make cocoa mass?

How to make cocoa mass?

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Cocoa nib grinding machine is  a professional device to make cocoa mass(cocoa paste). So how do we use a grinding machine to make cocoa mass? You just need to put the cocoa beans in the grinder hopper, and you can get cocoa mass. The method is so easy. 

Besides, the colloid mill can grind hundreds of materials, but the premise is wet grinding. The hardness of material is as soft as possible. Excellent material will cause damage to the grinding head of colloid. Next, let me give you an example from food, chemistry, medicine and daily chemical industry.
Food: milk, bean paste, fruit juice, chili sauce, chicken, fish, chocolate, jam, peanut butter, moon cake stuffing, cream beverage etc..
Medicine: cod liver oil, Jian Er ointment, bee emperor, pollen and so on. Daily use: shoe oil, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, detergent and so on.
Chemistry: pigments, spices, dyes, emulsified bitumen, emulsified rubber, catalyst, paint and paint, etc.
Other: construction industry, paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry and so on.

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