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Gas Heating Belt Type Cashew Nut Roasting Machine Features

Gas Heating Belt Type Cashew Nut Roasting Machine Features

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Gas heating hot air circulation multi-layer belt type cashew nut raosting machine, is my company combined with the characteristics of nuts roasted seeds and nuts developed a new type of nuts and seeds roasting machine. It is steamed with natural gas.

Main Features of Nuts Roasting Equipment
1, the use of bilateral into the wind, multi-layer design, dehydration uniformity now reached the international leader;
2, combustion exhaust clean, clean;
3, heating up fast, warm-up time is short; from room temperature rose to 120 ℃ only 3-4 minutes;
4, the device has a safety interlock device, so that equipment is more safe and reliable operation.
5, the temperature control accuracy, the actual production temperature and set the temperature between almost 0 error.
6, energy efficient, thermal energy consumption year on year to reduce 25%, energy consumption lower than similar equipment at home and abroad; production higher than similar products 30-40%

Direct combustion type mesh belt dryer produced melon seeds samples were detected by the residual sulfur dioxide 0, due to combustion efficiency close to 100%, so exhaust emissions pure, to ensure food safety.
Cashew Nut Roasting Machine Features