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Good Quality Almond Nuts Roasting Machine Manufacturer in China

Good Quality Almond Nuts Roasting Machine Manufacturer in China

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The drying process of belt type almond nuts roasting machine to enhance the multilayer nature of baking products, shorten the long time drying time of products, the equipment is mainly used for fruit and vegetable products, tea, nuts, dried bean products, reciprocating plate chain drying line with operation to improve Taiwan technology in the original performance, design a research and innovation quick drying equipment, operating mode of the equipment belt plate chain, plate chain can realize turning plate, turning and other functions, by running track support rails change plate chain, can make each plate chain belt space to achieve drying space 2 times, increasing drying yield, enhance drying quality. Heating system, temperature control multi-point design and high air circulation fan, can make the internal heat is fully dispersed in every corner of the internal, the machine is divided into high, medium, low temperature, control. Make sure there are no dead ends. Uniform temperature, ideal for air drying and drying products.

Multi layer nuts roaster machine characteristics:
(1) automatic control system, according to the process requirements of different products, drying temperature and humidity, completely solve the drying time are other drying methods, high temperature, high energy consumption and many other issues, with excellent characteristics of There is nothing comparable to this.
(2) the use of high efficiency centrifugal fan, with strong wind, air supply, air flow uniformity, low noise characteristics, uniform and rapid drying of materials.
(3) in the drying process of material deformation, no cracking, no color, no deterioration, no oxidation, dry thoroughly after drying, good rehydration, less loss of nutrients, long storage period, more effectively protect the dry color, smell and taste, and active ingredients.
(4) the whole design of the unit can be connected with the pipeline and power supply. The operation is convenient and the automatic control can be realized after setting the parameters. The reliability is high.
(5) the utility model has the advantages of little investment and quick effect, and can be reformed by using old kilns, garages, etc., and can be moved and saved in an occupied area, etc., and is simple and convenient.

Nuts roasting equipment after-sales service:
Customer service service is the priority among priorities of our work, the daily management of customer service service is divided into three levels: first, monthly telephone interview, understand the operation state of the equipment, good track record; second: year of professional and technical personnel on-site visit a good track record; third: in the above process, fault, understand the engineering quality of the factory immediately sent to the user units, solve the case.
Pre sales, in technical problems with the user to maintain docking, to ensure compliance with the product, before the start of the production process, to provide samples by users and supervision units for review, qualified before mass production.
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